Friday, June 21, 2013

Best... 2013 Methods On How To Get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

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What are you waiting for?

The talks of almost all people out there who are familiar with video game consoles. It is getting more and more interesting to the eyes of not only gamers but also those people who want to explore and communicate online. Back then Xbox Live was just another way to read your E-Mail, Watch Movies, Listen to Music and Share Photos. Well, don't get me wrong on this one, it was a revolutionary way of doing all those things in the comfort of your Xbox 360. It was a good start for something that will literally change how we play and interact online using Xbox 360. As you might have known, Xbox 360 was developed by Microsoft. The leading manufacturer of computers and other devices. So as a big company, they promised that they will continue to update and developed the existing Xbox 360 and all it's features like Xbox Live.

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So as time goes by, we see more and more of that promise to be fulfilled. Xbox Live is as interesting now as it is before the first time you saw it. And This year of 2012. Xbox has brought quite a few things and lay it on the table for your eyes to see. Not only does it look good because of it's new dashboard. It also feels good to use.

The New Look of 2013


> Cloud Storage (REQ: Xbox Live Gold Membership)
This is one of the coolest feature on the new xbox live. It will allow you to save your game files through a virtual storage on which you can activate wherever you are using, of course an Xbox 360 with Internet. Basically, you can play your games and all it's save files on your friends house without bringing your Xbox 360 with you. LOL!

> Beacon
Beacon is also one of the few popular features on the new xbox live. This will send a beacon to your online friends telling them that you are inviting people to play with you on a specific game. This will send a message to your friends on Xbox Live and inform them that you are ready for some action. You can beacon any games and any apps you like, and pick the players on which you are willing to play with.

Control it with your IPad or IPhone!
1.) Online Payment Integration with the prominent site like PayPal.

2.) Want To Listen To Your Favorite Radio Station? Streaming Radio From

3.) Social Networking Integration with Facebook and Twitter

4.) Music Steaming will also be made possible with Zune Network

5.) Never miss any Sports Updates and Game with ESPN Live Sports Broadcast

6.) Control Your Xbox Live Through Your IPad/IPhone.

7.) Navigate Youtube Using Youtube App.

*And Microsoft Promises to Add More "Spices To the Soup" Later This Year. So better Watchout For Some Updates Here on How You Can Get Xbox Live For Free.

HOW TO GET YOUR Xbox Live Membership 
For Free 12months!

Now For The Main Event.

For those of you wondering how you can make all this things available, we will teach you how you can get your very own FREE XBOX LIVE GOLD MEMBERSHIP without having to worry being caught by Xbox Live. We are currently using a legitimate way to get the codes from our end to your end of the table. Constantly renewing our stockpile, we are very much sure that every codes we distribute is 100% legitimate and is not illegally acquired.

New Codes Just Arrived Yesterday Morning!

How Did We Do It?

First you must know that nothing is totally free in this world. Everyone gets off with a little bit of something. So to start this thing off, we will only give out 1 code per day on each and every IP we stumbled upon. This will help us limit the number of people who will have access to the codes which will then help us increase the accuracy of every code we give out.

Note: The Xbox Live Codes that we're giving away is legitimately acquired which means that it was purchase by our team. This was made possible by the support and donations we get from all of our friends all over the web. What we only ask is that you visit our site regularly to help us promote our contents throughout the web and Increase our revenue that will also help you in return for the codes that we give out.

Steps on How You Can Get It.

We will not post individual codes on our blogposts, this way we could remove suspicions on our site. We will only redirect you to our File Hosting site and from there you can download the latest codes from our daily updates. You will have full access to our Uploads on Every Files Hosting Sites available on the web. You can access our uploads from the buttons shown bellow.

Download It Here

Download Here!

Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 4

Download Mirror 5
Download Mirror 2

Download Mirror 3
Download Mirror 6

Note: The codes are encoded on a notepad using a TXT file format. Only Download a text file that indicates the "Date" it was uploaded, together with the word "Xbox Live Membership". We would also like to inform all of you that we are using a "Cloud Streaming" method to update the codes anytime we wish to add anything on it. You will have access to it as we will give you the links.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Effective Tips For Guys That Needs Free Microsoft Points

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Did it ever occurred to you that purchasing your selected items or services online is somewhat an inconvenience? But, establishing an online point system has made it a lot easier for customers like you and me. What this means is that you can now access your favorite Movies on Netflix or buy you most awaited game on the comforts of your home. You don't have to drive or even walk to your local gaming store. All you have to do is to purchase microsoft points codes online and load it all up to your xbox live account. Heck! you can even buy a new game controller or even a new xbox game console with microsoft points codes.

Download Links are Located Bellow This Post!

This was made possible by Xbox Live's Marketplace. Xbox Live Marketplace is an online store that offers a variety of games from different platforms like Mobile Games, PC Games,Web Games and of course Xbox Games. Through this innovative concept of establishing an online store, it has greatly change the way we used to play and buy our games; compared to how we do these things in the past. They also offer a wide variety of visual entertainments like your favorite Movies and TV Series. Now you can't miss a single episode of your most awaited TV series or be able to watch the hottest block buster movies online. But one thing's for sure Xbox Live has really change the way we do business.

But all this products and services can only be available through constantly purchasing microsoft points on xbox live's website. Although it is more convenient for us to use microsoft points in purchasing microsoft products online because it cost less compared to purchasing using your debit or credit card. It is most likely that not all of us can regularly afford purchasing such valuable item. We have to consider that almost 60% of all the gamers out there are only able to purchase the game console and a few games but never the services like microsoft points.

It's kinda sad that only the rich people are able to enjoy playing games, xbox 360 games for some of us are the only thing that makes us happy or removes our stress from dealing with the world around us. However, all hope are not lost for this year of 2012 we have joined together with a couple of computer hackers to finally make a move on getting free microsoft points and giving it away to those who need it most. 

We are able to get as far as we have gone because of the support that the online gaming community has given us. It has been a tough 3 months for us but we will assure you that it is worth every moment. We will distribute the free microsoft points using a software called an code generator. We know what you are thinking, "code generators are viruses". Yeah, we couldn't agree more but not all code generators are with viruses. We will provide you with a comprehensive antivirus scan result to make sure that there is no virus on our software. 

How Can We Download and Use It?

As for how you can aquire and opperate this free microsoft points code generator. You can download this software on this site only, we have made up our mind that with all the blackhat hackers out there they might try to steal our work and take the credit for themselves. You will be able to download the software here and as for how you can opperate it. The microsoft points code generator does not require you to put anything personal like E-Mail adress or credit card number or even your xbox live gamers tag. It's so east that a child can do this. Bellow is the instruction on how you can download nad use this free microsoft points generator.


 Step One: Choose Your File Hosting Site Bellow.

Download Here NOW!

Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 4

Download Mirror 2
Download Mirror 5

Download Mirror 3

Download Mirror 6

Step Two: The file is archived with WINRAR, so after you finished downloading the archive open and extract the contents to your specified folder locations.

Step Three: Double click the "regfile.exe" to enlist the software to your registry.

Step Four: Execute the file "mspointextractor.exe".

Note: For Windows7 Always Run The Software As Administrator. Any problems with executing the software, please change the compatibility to Windows XP.

Step Five: Once the software is done loading it components, Click the "Generate" button and wait till the software finishes it's scanning process.

Note: The time consumed by the scanning process will depend on how many is accessing our private server. Sometimes it might take 2-5 minutes but in some cases it can go up to 10-20min.

Step Six: After the scanning process is done, results will be displayed according to the amount or value of the free microsoft points codes. As the highest will be shown to the top and the lowest will be at the bottom.

Step Seven: Enter the codes to your Xbox Live Account and wait for the validation process. Once Done, you can now Download Your Favorite Games,Movies,TV Series For FREE!

Please Enjoy and Share!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Easily Get A Chance To Download Minecraft For Free

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Minecraft has been a big hit since the day it was released. It has been a huge success despite of it's criticism. Well, it might not look all that good but it sure gives you an experience like no other. It is a famous sandbox game that gives you a chance to explore new possibilities and create things that has never been seen before. Some of the famous sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto only gives us a little bit of freedom compared to this game when it comes to playing the game itself. Although it is not that fancy and neat looking, the freedom you get when you play it for the first time fills up more than what it lacks. As it continues to grow and become popular, more and more gamers are now finding ways to get free access on the game.

Like any other famous games out there, this game is not free. It requires you to purchase an account which allows you to access the premium version of the game. You can also download a free version of the game which gives you a sneak peek on how the game generally works. But the free version of the game only gives you a "tip of the iceberg". Generally speaking we gamers only want one thing and one thing only! We want to play games for free.

 Note: Now for the instruction on how you can download both the Account Generator and Free Minecraft Account List. Proceed bellow this post and follow the instructions stated.

For a lot of people out there that lacks financially there are few ways to get free minecraft accounts that will enable you to access the premium version of the game. You can either look for a account generator which will provide you with free account or you can download a list of hacked account that would still give you a free access. To those who are uneasy in using account generators you need not to worry because the code generator nowadays doesn't need any e-mail addresses or account numbers just to use it. All you need to do is download the game and ensure that the proper version of Net. Framework is installed. 

The technology behind the code generator is simple, the account information like passwords and usernames are sent directly from our servers to the code generators which can be viewed in a systematically arranged list located in the code generator itself. This is why it does not need any e-mail addresses because it will be sent directly to your software. We also regularly replenish our supply of accounts to ensure 100% success rate when it comes to verifying it's authenticity. And as for the fear of viruses, we regularly scan our files before and after we distribute it to the public.

Choose between methods shown bellow

"Account Generator" or "Free Minecraft Account List."


1st. Method (Account Generator)

1.) Select from the file hosting sites bellow on which you want to download your software.

2.) After clicking the chosen file hosting site link, You will be redirected to the download page. All you need to do now is download the file and wait for it to finish downloading.

3.) When finished, you can see that you have downloaded the "" successfully. Unpack the compressed file to your specified folder location. After the decompression you will see three folders, open the first one and double click the "Code.exe" file and wait for it to appear.

4.) When it is finally opened locate the "threads" box and put "5" in the blank. Then click the "Scan" button bellow and wait for about 5 minutes to finish the scanning process.

Note:"In putting a number on the threads, only use numbers below 10"

5.) Once done, you will see a notepad automatically opened. The account information will be automatically written in a notepad each time you scan for an account.

6.) Choose from the list of accounts listed in the notepad and verify it by logging in to the minecraft main site. After you have verified the account you can now download the premium version of the game.

7.) Do not forget to change the username of password of your chosen account to prevent others from gaining access to your account.

8.)Have Fun and Share this to others! :)

2nd Method: (Account List)

1.) Choose from the downloading sites bellow and click download.

2.) You will be redirected to the download page. Now download the "accountcraft.txt" file from the site.

3.) After you have downloaded the text file, you can now see the list of free minecraft account available for you to use.

Note: "the text file is regularly replaced for 100% accuracy in ensuring the authenticity of the accounts"

4.) Verify the account by logging in to the main website of minecraft. When you have successfully entered the account you can now download the premium version of the game. Don't forget to change the username and password as soon as possible to ensure that only you can access your chosen account.

5.)Now you can download the premium version of the game and play whenever you want to.

6.) Please Enjoy and Share to others. :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Techniques On How To Get Minecraft For Free

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NOTE: "You can skip the whole thing and get the download links bellow this post. Follow the instructions to get minecraft for free."

In our age of gaming, game developers scramble to make their games as realistic as possible in order to attract more attention and to make it more sophisticated as the previous versions. We tend to take things to a whole new level by exploring the unexplored and coming up with new ways to experience games. From the 2D games of the 90's to the 3D games of today. It is logical to think that gamers would only want games that would give them the most realistic experience and most enhanced graphic display. But this new game really had us scratching our heads and asking.

Minecraft is the new game on the block who promises to give gamers a run for their money. Regardless of it's apparently low graphic display and box like textures, this games is said to test your wildest imagination. Remember the first time you ever touch a lego? Well this game will refresh your memory on it, you will have a chance to build castles,explore the unexplored lands, climb the highest mountains, create the best armor and protect your land from monsters that attacks at night. The only problem is that, the game is only as good as how much you are willing to spend on it. 

Minecraft Castle

Minecraft Mountains
Minecraft Monsters

 You can play for free by downloading the "Classic Mode" version of the game, it is outdated but it is free. If you want to play to the fullest, you have to buy register and buy the game online. There are about 25 Million registered gamers but only 6 Million of them bought the game. It is because the game itself is expensive. Besides the game, there are also items that can only be attained by buying them or by gamers who actually bought the game and has a premium account.

So to give you a chance to get minecraft for free, this post will teach you how to do it. There are a lot of way to get minecraft for free, you can download a cracked version of it, or you can use an account generator which generates a premium but hacked account that you can use to play the game afterwards. You can change the password and username immediately to ensure that only you can play the premium hacked account. So let's get started.

Choose between the two methods. 
"Download Cracked Version" or "Get Premium hacked account"

Method 1 (Cracked Version)

1.) Choose from the following file hosting sites bellow and click download to access the "" file.

2.) After you are redirected to the file hosting site, download the file and wait until it is finished.

3.) After the download, unzip the "" to your chosen file location. And wait until the unzipping process is done.

4.) Double click the "installer.exe" and install the game.

5.) After the installation process is finished, go to the "crack" folder and copy all files and paste it to minecraft's folder location. Replace the files with the crack files.

NOTE: Turn off your internet before proceeding to the next step.

6.) When you have replaced all the original files with the cracked version, open the "Reg" folder and choose between 64x or 32x. If you have a 64bit system choose 64x and 32x if you have 32bit.

7.) Restart Your PC.

8.) Now you can connect your internet and play MINECRAFT for free!

NOTE: You can update your minecraft game whenever it is possible. :)

Method 2 (Hacked Premium Account)

1.) Choose from the file hosting sites below and click "Download".


2.) After you are redirected to the site, find the download button then download the "" file from their directory.

3.) Then, after the download. unzip the contents of the zip file to your specified folder location. Once done, choose from the 30 Text files and open it. Then select your preferred premium account from the list.

4.) Go to the main website of Minecraft and enter the username and password. Then change your password to prevent others from getting access to your account.

5.) Once done, you can now download minecraft using your premium account.

6.) ENJOY and SHARE.

NOTE: "The accounts that are being distributed are only limited, so get yours now and have a chance to get minecraft for free!!"

Friday, February 3, 2012

Effective Tips On Getting Free Final Fantasy XIII 2

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Final Fantasy XIII-2
This coming February 3 another battle will take place in the world of Final Fantasy. This time the story revolves around Febula Nova Crystallis Mythology, it focuses more on Goddess Etro. Final Fantasy XIII 2 features 2 main characters Serah Faronn an 18 year old human from cocoon and also sister of lightning, and Noel Kreiss an enigmatic time traveler from 700 into the future; also one of the few remaining humans in the future. Noel's main goal is to change the fate of humanity that he witnessed in the future.

Note: "Download Links Are Located Below This Post."

Serah and Noel

In Final Fantasy XIII 2 the world Gran Pulse and Cocoon of Final Fantasy XIII is accessible. Players are able to revisit old areas and explore new ones on different time periods to their hearts content. Changes in different places on Final Fantasy XIII 2 are very visible like, Lake Bresha is now called Bresha ruins and the crystallize path that will enable you to cross the lake is no longer available. The place called Budhom has been re-created in Pulse with the new name "New Budhom" and Archlyte Steppe is now occupied by hunters.

Game Trailer:

Download Available Here!

Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2

Download Mirror 3
Download Mirror 4

Download Mirror 5
Download Mirror 6

Together with the changes in areas also comes a lot of changes in combat. The game will mainly use variations of Active Time Battle (ATB) system known as Combat Synergy Battle System which also makes use of Paradigm Shift System. The system's development is mainly to address the issues with those used in the previous game. Players are also able to tame monsters and make them fight alongside their owners. This also leads to a new feature called "Feral Link". As the player continually attacks the opponent, the Feral Link Bar will fill up accordingly and as it reaches it's maximum capacity the tamed monster will perform a special attack that would certainly help in battles.

Mog Clock

Compared to it's past predecessor Final Fantasy XIII, monsters no longer roam freely in Final Fantasy XIII 2. Monsters are warped randomly on different locations, if encounters happens a "Mog Clock" will appear on the middle of the bottom half of the screen and a dial will most certainly appear under the player. This Feature will grants players a chance to gain bonuses or penalties depending on the time it takes for you to engage the enemy.

Temporal Rift

This is feature will give you mini-games or puzzles that if solved will solve paradox happening in the real world. Temporal Rifts are mainly puzzles in which players traverse a room from one end going to another.

Live Trigger

When talking to NPC's, LIVE TRIGGER gives players a chance to pick from a series of options (dialogue trees) that will lead to different results and also gives multiple endings. This multiple endings will not affect decisions that are made from Live Trigger.


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