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Best... 2013 Methods On How To Get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

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The talks of almost all people out there who are familiar with video game consoles. It is getting more and more interesting to the eyes of not only gamers but also those people who want to explore and communicate online. Back then Xbox Live was just another way to read your E-Mail, Watch Movies, Listen to Music and Share Photos. Well, don't get me wrong on this one, it was a revolutionary way of doing all those things in the comfort of your Xbox 360. It was a good start for something that will literally change how we play and interact online using Xbox 360. As you might have known, Xbox 360 was developed by Microsoft. The leading manufacturer of computers and other devices. So as a big company, they promised that they will continue to update and developed the existing Xbox 360 and all it's features like Xbox Live.

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So as time goes by, we see more and more of that promise to be fulfilled. Xbox Live is as interesting now as it is before the first time you saw it. And This year of 2012. Xbox has brought quite a few things and lay it on the table for your eyes to see. Not only does it look good because of it's new dashboard. It also feels good to use.

The New Look of 2013


> Cloud Storage (REQ: Xbox Live Gold Membership)
This is one of the coolest feature on the new xbox live. It will allow you to save your game files through a virtual storage on which you can activate wherever you are using, of course an Xbox 360 with Internet. Basically, you can play your games and all it's save files on your friends house without bringing your Xbox 360 with you. LOL!

> Beacon
Beacon is also one of the few popular features on the new xbox live. This will send a beacon to your online friends telling them that you are inviting people to play with you on a specific game. This will send a message to your friends on Xbox Live and inform them that you are ready for some action. You can beacon any games and any apps you like, and pick the players on which you are willing to play with.

Control it with your IPad or IPhone!
1.) Online Payment Integration with the prominent site like PayPal.

2.) Want To Listen To Your Favorite Radio Station? Streaming Radio From

3.) Social Networking Integration with Facebook and Twitter

4.) Music Steaming will also be made possible with Zune Network

5.) Never miss any Sports Updates and Game with ESPN Live Sports Broadcast

6.) Control Your Xbox Live Through Your IPad/IPhone.

7.) Navigate Youtube Using Youtube App.

*And Microsoft Promises to Add More "Spices To the Soup" Later This Year. So better Watchout For Some Updates Here on How You Can Get Xbox Live For Free.

HOW TO GET YOUR Xbox Live Membership 
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Now For The Main Event.

For those of you wondering how you can make all this things available, we will teach you how you can get your very own FREE XBOX LIVE GOLD MEMBERSHIP without having to worry being caught by Xbox Live. We are currently using a legitimate way to get the codes from our end to your end of the table. Constantly renewing our stockpile, we are very much sure that every codes we distribute is 100% legitimate and is not illegally acquired.

New Codes Just Arrived Yesterday Morning!

How Did We Do It?

First you must know that nothing is totally free in this world. Everyone gets off with a little bit of something. So to start this thing off, we will only give out 1 code per day on each and every IP we stumbled upon. This will help us limit the number of people who will have access to the codes which will then help us increase the accuracy of every code we give out.

Note: The Xbox Live Codes that we're giving away is legitimately acquired which means that it was purchase by our team. This was made possible by the support and donations we get from all of our friends all over the web. What we only ask is that you visit our site regularly to help us promote our contents throughout the web and Increase our revenue that will also help you in return for the codes that we give out.

Steps on How You Can Get It.

We will not post individual codes on our blogposts, this way we could remove suspicions on our site. We will only redirect you to our File Hosting site and from there you can download the latest codes from our daily updates. You will have full access to our Uploads on Every Files Hosting Sites available on the web. You can access our uploads from the buttons shown bellow.

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Note: The codes are encoded on a notepad using a TXT file format. Only Download a text file that indicates the "Date" it was uploaded, together with the word "Xbox Live Membership". We would also like to inform all of you that we are using a "Cloud Streaming" method to update the codes anytime we wish to add anything on it. You will have access to it as we will give you the links.

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