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Effective Tips For Guys That Needs Free Microsoft Points

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Did it ever occurred to you that purchasing your selected items or services online is somewhat an inconvenience? But, establishing an online point system has made it a lot easier for customers like you and me. What this means is that you can now access your favorite Movies on Netflix or buy you most awaited game on the comforts of your home. You don't have to drive or even walk to your local gaming store. All you have to do is to purchase microsoft points codes online and load it all up to your xbox live account. Heck! you can even buy a new game controller or even a new xbox game console with microsoft points codes.

Download Links are Located Bellow This Post!

This was made possible by Xbox Live's Marketplace. Xbox Live Marketplace is an online store that offers a variety of games from different platforms like Mobile Games, PC Games,Web Games and of course Xbox Games. Through this innovative concept of establishing an online store, it has greatly change the way we used to play and buy our games; compared to how we do these things in the past. They also offer a wide variety of visual entertainments like your favorite Movies and TV Series. Now you can't miss a single episode of your most awaited TV series or be able to watch the hottest block buster movies online. But one thing's for sure Xbox Live has really change the way we do business.

But all this products and services can only be available through constantly purchasing microsoft points on xbox live's website. Although it is more convenient for us to use microsoft points in purchasing microsoft products online because it cost less compared to purchasing using your debit or credit card. It is most likely that not all of us can regularly afford purchasing such valuable item. We have to consider that almost 60% of all the gamers out there are only able to purchase the game console and a few games but never the services like microsoft points.

It's kinda sad that only the rich people are able to enjoy playing games, xbox 360 games for some of us are the only thing that makes us happy or removes our stress from dealing with the world around us. However, all hope are not lost for this year of 2012 we have joined together with a couple of computer hackers to finally make a move on getting free microsoft points and giving it away to those who need it most. 

We are able to get as far as we have gone because of the support that the online gaming community has given us. It has been a tough 3 months for us but we will assure you that it is worth every moment. We will distribute the free microsoft points using a software called an code generator. We know what you are thinking, "code generators are viruses". Yeah, we couldn't agree more but not all code generators are with viruses. We will provide you with a comprehensive antivirus scan result to make sure that there is no virus on our software. 

How Can We Download and Use It?

As for how you can aquire and opperate this free microsoft points code generator. You can download this software on this site only, we have made up our mind that with all the blackhat hackers out there they might try to steal our work and take the credit for themselves. You will be able to download the software here and as for how you can opperate it. The microsoft points code generator does not require you to put anything personal like E-Mail adress or credit card number or even your xbox live gamers tag. It's so east that a child can do this. Bellow is the instruction on how you can download nad use this free microsoft points generator.


 Step One: Choose Your File Hosting Site Bellow.

Download Here NOW!

Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 4

Download Mirror 2
Download Mirror 5

Download Mirror 3

Download Mirror 6

Step Two: The file is archived with WINRAR, so after you finished downloading the archive open and extract the contents to your specified folder locations.

Step Three: Double click the "regfile.exe" to enlist the software to your registry.

Step Four: Execute the file "mspointextractor.exe".

Note: For Windows7 Always Run The Software As Administrator. Any problems with executing the software, please change the compatibility to Windows XP.

Step Five: Once the software is done loading it components, Click the "Generate" button and wait till the software finishes it's scanning process.

Note: The time consumed by the scanning process will depend on how many is accessing our private server. Sometimes it might take 2-5 minutes but in some cases it can go up to 10-20min.

Step Six: After the scanning process is done, results will be displayed according to the amount or value of the free microsoft points codes. As the highest will be shown to the top and the lowest will be at the bottom.

Step Seven: Enter the codes to your Xbox Live Account and wait for the validation process. Once Done, you can now Download Your Favorite Games,Movies,TV Series For FREE!

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